Plastic top Pins, Nails & Screws

Pioneered by SEAC since 1981, Polytops® is the only original colour-coded solution in industrial fasteners. Seac's Polytops® has become synonymous in industrial circles with expertise and experience, and is the choice of the professional. In fact, Polytops® has become the generic name for plastic top pins and nails, and plastic headed screws. Today, SEAC is still a leading manufacturer of specialised, integrated injection moulded fasteners.

The Poly top plastic top/head pins, nails, screws, and socket drive screws are single piece fasteners with enduring injection-moulded polymer heads. The self-masking, decorative plastic top head provides a neat and unobtrusive fixing especially when colour matched, for an enduring professional finish. They are specially developed for use on all exposed fixing areas particularly UPVC and other maintenance free profiles, or pre-finished materials with no finishing required. There is no need for capping, spraying or painting.

Poly top pins, nails and screws are inserted and finished in one easy step, so they can cut production time and save on labour costs. The moulded plastic or pvc head forms an integral part of the fixing, hence they are also tamper proof with much less chance of fixed material being removed.

With our wide range of plastic top/head colours available, at least 40 colours to choose from or if necessary we can custom match to your nearest colour required, fixings can be colour-matched to any application. Also with our huge variety of fixings and sizes, Polytops® plastic top/head pins, nails and screws are possible on a wide range of applications. 

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  • Fascias & soffitts
  • Barge board
  • Cladding
  • Window and door trims
  • Skirting, architrave's
  • Panelling
  • Caravan construction
  • Fencing

The latest added feature is the built-in anti-bacterial action in the polymer. Fixings such as rivets and screws often attract dirt and can be difficult to clean, especially in inaccessible areas. With Polytops®, the polymer head's built-in anti-bacterial action neutralises the ability of bacteria to grow and minimises the likelihood of contamination, stains and odour, and will not wash off or wear out.

Due to its anti-bacterial property, other useful applications include pharmaceutical and drug manufacturing, food and beverage processing, cleanrooms, hospital operating theatres and wards, restaurant kitchens and washrooms.