ColourPro Polytop® Pins, Nails, Screws

Polytops® Colour-Pro, are a new range of polymer headed fasteners with a 10 Year Colourfast Guarantee.

The new range consists of 8 guaranteed colours, which have been developed for fixing woodgrain and foiled PVC-u fascias, soffits and bargeboards. Available in dark brown, black, mahogany, light oak, blue, green, red and white, you can specify fixings that will perform to the same standard as all major manufacturers profile giving you a completely colourfast roofline installation - guaranteed for 10 years.

Ensure that you won't ever need to replace your installation by using Polytops® Colour-Pro guaranteed pins, nails and screws which have been fully independently tested for colour fastness and weathering in accordance with BS2782. The new Colour-Pro range gives installers complete confidence, manufactured using a highly stable thermoplastic, Colour-Pro fasteners are resistant to weathering and UV offering high thermal stability and have better corrosion resistance than anything previously available.

The Complete Colour-Pro Range

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Testing Data

Tested under British Standard Methods of testing for Plastics BS2782: Part 5 Method 540B Annex D all Polytops® Colour-Pro products have been tested for colourfastness and resistance to weathering by exposure to laboratory light sources.

The test conditions used QUV-A lamps to simulate northern European light for 2000 hours exposure to represent 10 years ageing. During exposure, the test pieces are subjected to four hours with a relative humidity of 95% ± 5% at 50°C followed by four hours with QUV-A 340nm lamps at 60°C.

Polytops® Colour-Pro fasteners showed excellent results with negligible colour change in line with manufacturers PVC-u board. Ratings did not give less than 4-5 on the grey scale, which is above that specified in BS7619 as the maximum colour change for extruded cellular unplasticised PVC (PVC-UE) profiles.

The 10 Year Colourfast Guarantee

  • Polytops® Colour-Pro carry a 10 year guarantee for colourfastness and weathering which is offered in accordance with BS2782: Part 5 Method 540B.
  • The installation shall be restricted to the area of Mid to Northern Europe (latitude 45° to 60°).
  • The 10 Year Guarantee applies to Polytops® Colour-Pro products only.
  • Notice of claims shall be given in writing to SEAC within the 10 year period from date of despatch.
  • The claimant should allow access to the installation for inspection.
  • Polytops® Colour-Pro fasteners installed for less than 10 years which do not remain colourfast to the standard required by BS2782: Part 5 Method 540B will be replaced free of charge and profile damaged as a direct result will be made good or replacement funded.
  • The guarantee does not apply to normal wear and tear.
  • Any materials which have been the subject of accidental damage, damage by misuse or damage through installation are not covered by this guarantee.