Glazing Accessories

Glazing accessories from SEAC include glazing packers or glass packers such as flat packers, bridge packers, wedge packer, frame packers and structural packers or universal packers for large designer windows. All SEAC's glazing packers are moulded using prime grade materials that are resistant to deterioration and unaffected by sealants.

These glazing packers guarantee glass alignment and squareness as well as maintaining the correct weight distribution. The right products with proper installation are crucial factors in preventing the need for expensive remedial call-backs. SEAC is committed to quality all the way and to aid installation technique, have included a Glazing Guide (click for pdf).

Main Benefits to users of SEAC Glazing Accessories include:

All products are moulded to close tolerances using only prime grade materials
International (ISO) colour coding for easy and quick identification
Squareness of frame and alignment of glass are ensured
Correct weight distribution is maintained
Likelihood of glass 'eating into frame is eliminated
Materials will not deteriorate and are unaffected by sealants

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