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From Timber to Composite

The Belmont Hotel at Leciester had a timber deck for smokers to enjoy throughout Summer and Winter. As with all timber decks, it needed regular staining maintenance but the concern the management had was not just that.  With the safety of their guests in mind, the hotel management was more concerned about the fire risk of the deck especially as it is for smokers to use, and also the slipping risk during the winter when the snow melts on it.

When the management learnt about composite decking materials, they were interested and got in touch with SEAC.  After seeing some samples and finding out about all the added benefits of composite decking including no rotting, splitting or splintering and the limited warranty, they were impressed.

Decision was made swiftly and in the fall of 2009, the timber deck was replaced with SEAC’s composite decking boards. The new composite deck looks great and will continue to be so without much maintenance but more importantly, it is now safer to use.

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