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Con-serts making a loud statement

New and improved brightly coloured packaging and labelling for concrete screws, multi-purpose/wood screws and baypole screws, all under the umbrella of ‘Con-sert’, are being launched by SEAC.

A big change from the old plain white boxes, SEAC highlights that the new packaging has helpful graphics such as image of the product, range of sizes available, material and screw head information.  There is even a line drawing on the label and the content is indicated in big, bold typeface.

The Con-sert screws are made to a high specification that is acceptable and have been popularly used in UK for a number of years now.  The demand for SEAC’s direct-insert concrete screws in particular, has been growing for the past 3 years since its launch in the market. This screw does not need a nylon anchor plug and can be inserted directly into a pre-drilled hole within masonry or concrete materials. A Star T-30 driver bit is included in every box of concrete screws.

The screws come in boxes of 100 or 200 units depending on size of the screws and are available from SEAC ex-stock from Leicester, East Midlands of UK.  Details and photo gallery of the screw and packaging are available on the SEAC website www.seac.co.uk.

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