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Tighten with Socket-drive for Tamperproof Fix

SEACs series of Polytops socket-drive self-tapping screws have a decorative hexagonal head (6 point) or bi-hexagonal head (12 point). The unique Polytop bi-hex head especially offers improved tamper resistance as a conventional hex socket cannot be used with them.

Both SEACs hex and bi-hex head screws can be driven using a bi-hex socket fitted to a manual or power driver. A moulded washer face underneath the screw heads protect work surfaces from socket contact.

A one piece fastener with an injection moulded plastic coloured head, Polytop screws can be used in visible positions where ordinary screws or bolts would need painting or capping to be prevent corrosion. The tough polymer also resists fading and is resistant to most chemicals. With the tamper proof heads, these screws are ideal for signage, retail displays, public lighting and street furniture etc. These fasteners can also be used on assembly lines using electric or air-powered wrenches where single step fixing and finishing cuts production time and costs.

All sizes and gauges of Polytop socket drive screws are available in over 40 standard colours and can be specified in zinc-plated and A2 or A4 stainless steel. Tools available from SEAC include the bi-hex socket, hand driver and power driver adaptor.

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