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Evergrain® adds lasting beauty & comfort outdoors

Building on its success, SEAC has recently expanded its product range to include Evergrain® composite decking materials. Made from a composition of natural minerals and polymer fibre using an exclusive compression moulding process, Evergrain® is arguably the best in its category with the most authentic wood appearance.

Traditional wooden decks lose their appeal after a couple of years and if not maintained with regular coating, may even become unsightly.  Evergrain® decks do not need oil coating ever, to keep it looking beautiful.  And because the Evergrain® composite material is so water resistant, it does not rot or get slippery when wet.  It also does not splinter or split, even installers will love it.  Evergrain® is so tough it is supplied with a 25 year guarantee.

SEAC supplies directly the boards, designer railings and accessories.  The decking boards in stock are 140mm wide by 24mm thick in 5m lengths. These are available in 4 classic colours, Redwood, Cedar, Weathered Wood and Cape Cod Grey.  SEAC can provide installation details for DIY enthusiasts, alternatively SEAC has a list of approved installers.

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