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Polytops Now Available in Gold & Silver

Leading fastener specialist SEAC has responded to customer demand by adding two new colour options to its vast range of Polytops® polymer-headed fasteners.  The latest additions, gold and silver, are particularly useful for applications such as signage, where colours must be customised to match fixing parts.  Other colours can also be manufactured on request.

Polytops® have self-masking heads which eliminate the need for capping, spraying or painting, whilst also protecting against tampering.  The technology used in their manufacture also ensures the injection-moulded polymer heads are the smallest possible, making them both neat and unobtrusive. 

An additional feature of the polymer heads is their built-in anti-bacterial action, which reduces the risk of contamination and means that the products can safely be used in food and beverage processing as well as in kitchens and washrooms.

All products in the range, from pins and nails to cladding screws and rivets, are manufactured in accordance with the ISO 9001 quality management system and undergo stringent testing to ensure the tough, high-precision moulded polymer heads are resistant to snapping, cracking and corrosion.

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