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Quality Glazing Guaranteed With SEAC’s New Range of Packers

Leading fastener specialist SEAC Ltd has launched a new and improved range of glazing packers. Designed to suit all window profiles, they have an integrated flat and bridge packer function, meaning installers need only stock one variant and can therefore be confident they are fitting an appropriate packer. As bridge packers are traditionally more expensive than flat packers, SEAC’s new integrated packers also save installers money.

Bridge packers are essential in window profiles which do not have built-in channels to aid drainage and prevent condensation build up. Although some installers may be tempted to use flat packers to save money, they are an inappropriate choice for such profiles and will inevitably lead to expensive remedial work at a later stage.

All glazing accessories are moulded using prime grade materials that are resistant to deterioration and unaffected by sealants. The packers guarantee glass alignment and squareness as well as maintaining the correct weight distribution.

The packers are colour coded and generally have a standard length of 100mm. They are available in widths varying from 20mm to 32mm. Each comes in thicknesses ranging from 1mm to 6mm. The two most popular widths, 24mm and 28mm, are available in mixed bags containing a variety of thicknesses. If required, unusual dimensions are also available.

Selecting the correct products and ensuring they are properly installed is crucial in preventing the need for expensive remedial call-backs. To assist with installation technique, SEAC has included a ‘Glazing Guide’ on its website. For more information please visit www.seac.uk.com.

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