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Evergrain® at the Belmont

Decking is a great way to enjoy outdoor space and is gaining popularity in domestic as well as commercial applications. However, the time and cost of regular maintenance of timber decks can be off putting. Timber decks lose their appeal after a period of time and if not maintained with regular oil treatment, may become unsightly. Another more serious concern is that timber decks get dangerously slippery when wet especially after rainfall or snow and it also poses a problem if a hot tub is installed.

A good example of this is the Belmont Hotel at Leciester which has built a sheltered deck for smokers to enjoy throughout Winter and Summer. Initially built using timber, it has now been replaced with SEAC′s Evergrain® composite material for a beautiful environment that is safer and easier to maintain.

SEAC′s Evergrain® decks do not need oil treatment ever to keep looking beautiful. The decking boards are made from a composition of natural minerals and polymer fibre for toughness and offering benefits that wood alone cannot. As Evergrain® is water resistant, it does not get slippery when wet and does not rot. It also does not splinter or split, making it safe for bare feet. Even installers love it as it is easy to handle and install - In fact Evergrain® is so tough it is supplied with a 25 year from manufacturer’s guarantee.

SEAC supplies the boards, designer railings and accessories directly. The decking boards in stock are 140mm wide by 24mm thick in 4.88m lengths. These are available in 5 classic colours, Redwood, Cedar, Cherrywood, Forest Green and Cape Cod Grey. This information, along with a gallery and installation instructions, are all available in SEAC′s website, www.seac.co.uk. If required, SEAC has a list of approved installers for purchasers of Evergrain® composite decking materials.

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