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New Self Tapping Masonry Screws Neew No Plugs or Anchors

The latest innovation from fastener specialist SEAC Ltd is a new range of self-tapping masonry screws called Con-sert. Designed to provide permanent and secure fastening with exceptional pull-out resistance when fixing wood or steelwork to concrete or masonry, Con-sert fasteners screw straight into pre-drilled holes without need for anchors or plugs.

For large projects, this type of fastener can deliver significant time savings compared to conventional two-step screw/anchor fixing. Fastening with Con-sert screws simply involves drilling a pilot hole through the fixture into the masonry and then inserting and tightening the screw in a single step. This eliminates the need to firstly position the fixture to locate the fastener and then remove it to drill a pilot hole and insert an anchor before repositioning the fixture and finally fixing it as is necessary with a screw and anchor fastener.

Manufactured from mild steel, Con-sert fasteners are zinc and yellow passivated for corrosion resistance. With a common diameter of 7.5mm, these fasteners are supplied in lengths of 60, 80, 100, 120 and 150 mm. Con-sert heads are countersunk, 11mm diameter, with Torx drive to reduce the likelihood of tool slippage and damage to its surrounding surface. Torx T30 drive bits are supplied with each box of 100 fasteners; 6.5 mm masonry drill bits in 210 and 260mm lengths are options. On jobs where appearance and finish are important, unobtrusive push-fit plastic caps in brown, black or white can be fitted.

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