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New Anti-bacterial Fasteners For Hygienic Applications

New anti-bacterial fasteners from SEAC Limited are designed specifically for sanitary and hygienic applications. Called Polytops®, they include rivets, screws, socket-drive screws and pins, all with an injection moulded anti-bacterial polymer head.

Fixings such as rivets and screws often attract dirt and can be difficult to clean, especially in inaccessible areas. By eliminating these 'dirt traps', SEAC's new fasteners neutralise the ability of bacteria to grow and minimise the likelihood of contamination, stains and odours.

Available in a wide range of colours, the polymer head's anti-bacterial action is built-in throughout the polymer and will not wash off or wear out.

Applications are wide-ranging, including pharmaceutical and drug manufacturing, food and beverage processing, cleanrooms, hospital operating theatres and wards, restaurant kitchens and washrooms

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