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Fix Your Sight on Quality

SEAC's injection-moulded Polytop fasteners have come to play an important role in the building and construction industries. In this article we discuss their evolution and some key new developments.

The first Polytop fasteners were developed by SEAC in response to demand from the building industry for fixings for use with PVC-u building materials. Before Polytops, building companies had the problem that fixing PVC-u cladding and roofline with ordinary nails or screws meant that they had to be covered over, painted, or have fiddly plastic caps fitted. Whatever traditional fixing was used, it did not usually blend well with the synthetic material, and masking was awkward and time-consuming.

The creation of Polytop nails, pins and screws solved this problem. By developing a technique for injection-moulding polymer heads onto stainless steel annular nails, SEAC created a single-step fixing which was self-coloured so as to blend visually with PVC-u extrusions. A similar job was done with screws. Following extensive research, SEAC perfected a method of moulding polymer tops onto Pozidrive screw heads which would stay attached even under the high stresses experienced during tightening.

Today, Polytops are used almost universally by the building industry, with the major UK manufacturers of PVC-u building products specifying Polytops as the preferred fixing method.

SEAC has not stopped there, however. Following recent consultations with the major PVC-u board manufacturers, the company is developing a new range of pins and nails which will be even more unobtrusive than any fasteners currently available.

Using a patented technology which makes them almost invisible, the new fasteners will greatly enhance the aesthetics of PVC-u roofline installations.

In addition, SEAC has also been developing a range of guaranteed colourfast pins and nails - in seven of the most popular colours - for use with PVC-u board. Covered by a ten year colourfast guarantee, the new fasteners will allow architects and builders to specify guaranteed colourfast pins and nails to ensure a professional installation. Still in development, both these new products will be unveiled at this year's Interbuild exhibition at the NEC in Birmingham.

Since Polytops have become accepted as the industry norm, SEAC has noticed over the past 12 months that several suppliers have started offering cheap foreign imports as an alternative. Many of these products do not perform well and there have been a number of reported problems. Some of the defects identified include: polymer heads snapping off; poor quality polymer which results in colour fade or 'flaking'; poor ring shank quality, meaning nails not holding firmly; and poor quality pins or nails which are prone to rusting.

To prevent these kinds of problems occurring it is essential that all fasteners are properly tested before they go on the market. SEAC puts all its products through a stringent series of tests to make sure they can cope with the rigorous uses they are designed for. The company has a document outlining these testing procedures in more detail. Anyone interested in receiving a copy should contact SEAC on Tel: 0116 273 9501 or by e-mail at: enquiries@seac.uk.com.

The message to all builders and installers is: 'Don't compromise on quality'. SEAC has over 15 year's experience in manufacturing fastening products for the building and construction trades. It provides products of the highest quality that will not fail several years down the line, so installers can be rest assured that their installations will stand the test of time.

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