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Polytop Fasteners Match the Corus 'colorcoat' Range

Fabricators using Corus UK Limited's Colorcoat range of prefinished steel can now specify polymer-headed screw and rivet fasteners from the SEAC Polytop range in near-equivalent colours. These fasteners provide a single-step fix and finish for assembly and fabrication applications where visual appearance is important.

Polytop fasteners are self-finished, self-coloured and blend unobtrusively with Colorcoat prefinished steels. As a result, they can be used in visible positions where ordinary fasteners would be unacceptable without painting, masking or capping. Because they fix and finish in a single step, they can cut production time and labour costs.

The Polytop fastener range includes polymer-headed rivets, screws and socket-drive screws to suit most industrial assembly needs.

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