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Cut-to-fit Metal Banding System Continues to Offer Flexibility

The low-cost and versatile cut-to-fit metal banding system, trademarked Stranglehold Banding has been in continuous demand especially by the heating and ventilation and sign fixing industry. The mark is registered by SEAC who manufactures and supplies the product from the Midlands.


Polytop® Remains the choice of True Professionals

Consumers in the building industry often ask for Polytops® or Polytop® nails when buying plastic top nails. SEAC Ltd, UK′s leading manufacturer of these fixings and trademark owner of Polytops, attributes the success of the product and brand name to its uncompromising features and quality.


Impoved Website Tells all you need to know about Polytops

With the www.polytops.com website make-over, you can now find important information about Polytops fixings including the packaging, technical tests, where they are made and most crucially, why Polytops is the choice of true professionals.


Self-tapping Mansonry Screws Catching On

Traditionally, the construction sector has used nylon anchors for window and door frame fixing, however SEAC has seen this change significantly in recent times since the introduction of concrete-insert screws or Con-serts. These innovative fixings are proving popular with the industry and are now the choice of fixing.


Polytops® : The Choice of True Professionals

Most consumers ask for Polytops® when buying plastic top fixings in particular plastic top pins and nails. SEAC Ltd would like the trade to be aware that Polytops® is a registered trademark of SEAC which has become a symbol of quality to consumers. With over 20 years of manufacturing & distribution experience, SEAC remains the leading supplier of Polytop® pins, nails, screws and rivets which are applicable to many industries including construction and building, manufacturing, signage, boating and furniture making.


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