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Con-serts making a loud statement

SEAC's concrete screws, baypole screws and multi-purpose screws now come in brightly coloured boxes with clear labels and graphics with the distinct Con-sert logo. This is a big change from the old plain white boxes.


Fiberon composite decking goes on water

Fiberon® composite decking material is the way forward for new installations, especially marina quay, pier, pontoon, pool and hot-tub surround and play area, because the material resists water and harsh weather.


Evergrain® at the Belmont

Decking is a great way to enjoy the outdoor space and is gaining popularity in domestic as well as commercial premises. However the time and cost of regular maintenance of timber decks can be off putting. Timber decks lose their appeal after a period of time and if not maintained with regular oil treatment, may become unsightly.


Tighten with Socket-drive for Tamperproof Fix

SEACs series of Polytops socket-drive self-tapping screws have a decorative hexagonal head (6 point) or bi-hexagonal head (12 point). The unique Polytop bi-hex head especially offers improved tamper resistance as a conventional hex socket cannot be used with them.


Cut-to-fit Metal Banding System Continues to Offer Flexibility

The low-cost and versatile cut-to-fit metal banding system, trademarked Stranglehold Banding has been in continuous demand especially by the heating and ventilation and sign fixing industry. The mark is registered by SEAC who manufactures and supplies the product from the Midlands.


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