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Composite Decking, Railing & Fencing

Over the last 3 years, SEAC added this exciting category of new products (composite decking, railing and fencing) which are engineered for practical reasons especially minimal maintenance, safety, durability and ease of installation. Eg Fiberon composite decking and fencing do not need annual staining to revive their looks, they do not splinter or split and are very aesthetically pleasing.

Another very important aspect in todays products is sustainability. The composite products that SEAC supply are manufactured from a high proportion of recycled plastics mixed with natural minerals. Eg Fiberon composite fencing has over 80% of recycled content. Composites materials are so tough and durable, these products come with years of manufacturers warranty (up to 25 years).

Please click on link for Fiberon composite decking and railing website.

Please click on link for Fiberon composite fencing website.